Why Sicily Excursions Have Become The No.1 Choice For The People Of Malta, USA And Australia?

Sicily ExcursionThinking of getting up close to the shores? Preparing for an island excursion in your next vacation? World is filled with countless fantastic aqua sites. Where would you like to visit? If you are interested with history, culture or the monuments and want a peaceful and unique holiday of a life time, then Plan for the Sicily Excursions. The crystal sea beaches, the scenic Mount Etna, the beauty of islands and the enchanting food, culture and people, everyone would make your Sicily excursion something unique. Literarily the word excursion means “Travelling to a place in a group for pleasure”. Nothing can be a better place than Sicily for an enchanting excursion. Its endless offerings satisfy to the taste of every class of people.

Why has Sicily been the No.1 play ground especially for the people of Malta, the adjacent country, and the far off countries like USA and Australia? Why are they opting for Sicily Excursion when Australia is believed to be one of the finest travelling destinations in the world? But Sicily witnesses more visitors from Australia than any other countries in the world. The wonderful Sicilian cuisine, the history and unique culture, the nature at its youth, everything seems alive in this island. The stunning East coast of Sicily with the mega Mt. Etna and the beautiful Taormina are adding more to make it a thriving world destination of travelling. The natural settings of this picturesque island have attracted a lot of Hollywood producers to make their blockbusters.  Once getting into this land means immersing into a land of sublime beauty.

The Best Places To Visit In Sicily Excursion

Whether it’s a sun-soaked beach holiday on the shimmering shores of San Vito Lo Capo that you seek, a cultural trip through the ancient ruins of Syracuse or to wander the quaint streets of Cefalu and sample traditional Sicilian food and wine, this versatile island has something to offer everyone. Yet Sicily excursion glows with:

  • Palermo – Enjoy the authentic Sicilian life by taking a trip to one of Palermo’s markets. The fresh vegetables, fish and fruit, possibly tasting the food specialties as breads and cheeses both the sides of the narrow medieval streets would appeal you.


  • Aeolian Islands – consists of seven main islands. It is a volcanic archipelago with not only rugged coasts, caves and cliffs, but also splendid views, thermal resorts, water sports, good fishing and, of course, sandy beaches.

Aeolian Islands

  • Etna – Close to Messina and Catania, Etna is the tallest active volcano in Europe. A sacred mountain provides exciting panorama in the foot hill. A nice place to hike and chill.


  • Siracusa – It is one of the main historic cities of Sicily. Apart from it’s rich Greek history, culture, amphitheatres and architecture, it is mostly renounced as the birthplace of the mathematician and engineer Archimedes. The ruins of the Temple of Athena, a Greek theatre and a roman amphitheatre are the classics of old monuments.


  • Agrigento – Visit the valley of the temples, one of the most outstanding examples of Greater Greece art and architecture. Scala dei Turchi beaches are some of the best in Sicily yet are not crowded. A nice place to enjoy the peace of nature.


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7 Reasons To Book Taxi Catania To Explore Sicily

Taxi Catania

Planning to spend your next vacation in a place where modern blends with the ancient? Just think of Catania of Sicily and there you would have everything that you are dreaming to have in your next vacation. Visit this majestic island with Taxi Catania, a reliable mode of transfer to explore the rich history, culture and beauty of this island. Under the shadow of Mount Etna, the dormant volcano, the Catania city thrives with the richness of natural beauty and greenery. With grand piazzas, wide roads, and architecture in lavic rock the city is full of attractions, offering historic and artistic wonders for everyone and this is why Catania has been an ever longing destination for the people from cross border.

Although Catania has been damaged by lava flows and earthquakes on several occasions, yet it has been the second most important city of Sicily, since the eighteenth century. Take a ride with Taxi Catania all through the city that is full of surprises, situated by the sea and characterized by the lava, well deserves to be a world travelling destination. Most of Catania’s wide streets and majestic palaces were built during the eighteenth century which is still striking.

7- Important reasons to book Taxi Catania in Sicily?

  • Taxi Catania is professional, reliable and affordable.
  • The drivers of Taxi Catania are ever present in front of the Airport to receive you and take you to your hotel or any other destination as required.
  • The driver will adjust his time with the arrival of your flight. You arrive at any time, but you will find your taxi ready to carry you to your desired spot.
  • Taxi Catania offers a fair and flexible cancellation policy.
  • The vehicles available for airport transfers through Taxi Catania range from low cost sedan cars and minivans to luxury executive sedans, minibus and buses. It must suit to anyone’s budget.
  • All the Taxi Catania cars are clean and the drivers are given by the hospitable drivers , who give value to the time and comfort of the clients.
  • The drivers are the best guides and they can suggest you the best destinations in and around Catania.


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How Informative Your Sicily Travel Guide Would Be On Your Trip To This Land?

Sicily Travel Guide

What do you think of traveling to a foreign land- stressful or enjoyable? Traveling to a foreign country like Sicily without a travel guide can be the most stimulating adventure. However, before you pack your carry-on bag, digs out your passport and head off to the international airport to fly for Sicily you should book a Sicily Travel Guide well in advance for an enjoyable and stress-free journey. Traveling is such an experience that people love almost every minute of it. Especially the pleasure of the children touch no bound on an excursion. But be careful before you hurry off to a foreign country sporting your favorite travel hat, your passport, and your travel bag, you need to make sure you are prepared to deal with any unexpected medical or legal  problems that may arise.A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. A grate quote on traveling. But the ships in the harbour of Malta and US never stop sailing to Sicily. A Sicily Travel Guide never becomes unemployed. The roads, the hotspots, the restaurants, the transport, the accommodations are mostly filled with the people from Malta, Australia, and the US.  People from the buzzing cities like US and Austrailia visit to this fascinating land to enjoy the tranquility that is mostly available at its historical ruins and beach breaks.

Every nation with flourishing tourism publish a book called the travel guide which depicts the essential information like how to arrive, where to stay, the site seeing spots, how to make your journey economical and safe and much more. If you are the 1st timer, use Sicily Travel Guide book to gather some information before meeting with the travel guide at Sicily In Person. Sicily is a large island; towns are connected by train and bus services, but be prepared to spend significant lengths of time with your guide on the move if you want to see the whole region. The long history of invasion and conquest by Greek, Arab, Roman, Norman have influenced the island’s architecture, landscape and culture, and has blended to make Sicily a thoroughly unique destination. So it is hard to explore the whole of Sicily without a guide.


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Enlist The Places And Examine The Reviews Before You Plan For Historical Tour Of Sicily

Why is Historical Tour Of Sicily very attractive? If you would want to take a deep inside, Then it would be a unique experience for lifetime. Sicily is a land with the ancient history and one of the most fascinating islands in Europe. Ancient civilizations, prehistoric caves, Byzantine churches, decorative buildings and majestic landscape all make Sicily a fascinating place to visit. Sicily is home to a fascinating and vibrant mix of cultures as well as spectacular natural landscapes, including the magical volcanoes of Etna and Stromboli. See history come to life as you journey through the ancient world, visiting famous landmarks, exploring archaeological sites & examining the ruins of ancient civilizations.

Historical Tour of Sicily introduces you to Sicily’s best known treasures, including its superbly well-preserved Greek temples, legendary Mount Etna and splendid Monreale Cathedral. Breathtaking walks with expansive views are the perfect way to experience special Sicily’s spectacular beauty.

  • Palermo-: The city is known more for its energetic road markets than for its cultural attractions, although there are first-class museums and historic churches. Palermo was called the “city of delights” for its beautiful gardens and architecture.
  • Aeolian Islands-: The Aeolian Islands are a volcanic archipelago with not only rocky coasts, caves and cliffs, but also splendid views, thermal resorts, water sports, good fishing and sandy beaches.
  • Mount Etna-: One of the world’s most active volcanoes. Europe’s greatest natural wonder is a living, sacred mountain of legend.
  • Siracusa-: It is one of the main historic cities of Sicily. It is an attraction visiting for its rich Greek history, culture, amphitheatres and architecture.
  • Piazza Armerina-: The Roman villa outside town has the most extensive mosaic pavements of the ancient Roman world, composed of rural scenes, pictures of flora and fauna, and classical motifs.
  • Agrigento-: The “Valley of the Temples” is a large archaeological site outside town surrounded by olive groves and almond orchards.
  • Monreale-: is a hill-town just outside Palermo in Sicily, is famous for the mosaics in its cathedral.
  • Segesta-: Segesta is one of the best preserved and most beautiful of all the Greek archaeological sites in the Mediterranean.
  • Taormina-: Taormina is a charming historical city with one of the world’s greatest views.

Sicily ExcursionsExplore the most inclusive historic cities of Sicily on your Historical Tour of Sicily directly from the best local tour expert New Travel Services. Whichever part of Sicilian culture, traditions, food, and artistic heritage interests you, you can be sure that it is covered by our selection. Our tailor made tours and multicentre holidays are very popular for those looking for a different style of holiday and to explore their holiday destination.

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Visiting Sicily is not all about just travelling – it’s about immersing yourself in a new and exciting culture.

Explore The Top Most Places In Sicily During Your Sicily Excursions

Who does not want to spend a vacation in the heart of natural beauty which is the everlasting? Surrounded by panoramic landscapes and mountains, with lush Blue Ocean bordered by glazy sands Sicily thrive all around the year to attract the visitors from world over. Sicily Excursions offer the amazing scenery, ancient ruins, rich history, delicious food, architectural treasures, splendid art, and friendly people. What more can be needed by a traveller to make his tour more ecstatic. Sicily is the land where god has engrafted his best natural creativity and gifted with mesmerizing calmness. No wonder, Sicily is considered as the jewel of Mediterranean!

Sicily Excursion would take you to such a land where nature seems to have gifted all its wonder to it like mountains, hills and above all the sea with its attractive colours and its crystal clear water. The top places to see while in Sicily excursions extent a wide variety of sites, all of which will make your vacation delightful and unforgettable. Here are some suggestions-:

Aeolian Islands-: Known for their stunning beaches, be sure to stay for dinner and try some fresh seafood and delicious cuisine.

Agrigento-: It’s known for the Valley of the Temples, a vast archaeological site with well-preserved Greek temples and the ruins of the ancient city of Akragas.

Cefalù-: it is an attractive historic town and seaside resort and one of the finest beach destinations in Italy.

Erice-: Erice is an unforgettable medieval hill town with ancient origins in Sicily.

Mount Etna-: Mount Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe and one of the world’s most frequently erupting volcanoes.

Monreale-: One of Sicily’s top tourist attractions, the cathedral at Monreale was imagined as a political statement as well as a creative one.

Palermo-: Palermo is the capital of the Italian island of Sicily. The city holds monasteries, castles, a cathedral, and a palace along with art galleries and a museum of archaeology.

Siracusa-: it contains fascinating archaeological sites, including standing columns of the ancient temple.

Taormina-: Taormina has the modern elements of restaurants, shops, and beaches as well as a historical side of the Greek amphitheatre, medieval walls and streets, and several castles.

Sicily Excursions would allow you to feel the mixed culture of three continents like Europe, Africa and Asia on one island. Greek tyrants, Arab emirs, Norman knights, Byzantine bishops and Holy Roman Emperors made it the most attractive destinations.

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Can I Explore The Whole Of Sicily By Planning For Historical Tour Of Sicily?

Immerse yourself in the diversity of the beautiful Sicilian coast. Ancient civilizations, prehistoric caves, Byzantine churches, Baroque buildings and majestic landscape – the island of Sicily have it all. The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily has been an alluring destination throughout history – from the ancient Greeks and Romans, right through to modern day Italy. Sicily is home to a fascinating and vibrant mix of cultures as well as spectacular natural landscapes, including the magical volcanoes of Etna and Stromboli. On Historical Tour Of Sicily, you will have the chance to experience the very best this corner of the Mediterranean has to offer.

Sicily is a captivating island, and a destination that draws you back again and again. Quintessentially Mediterranean, and a crossroads of trade and commerce since ancient times, Sicily is a mix of many civilizations. With Historical Tour Of Sicily find Sicily’s most important towns, such as Syracuse, Catania, Taormina, Naxos and Messina. Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, the Spanish, and the French followed successively and it is precisely this mix of cultures that makes Sicily so unique and appealing. The island’s architecture is rich and varied and the food is to die for!

The top places to see while in Historical Tour Of Sicily span a wide variety of sites, all of which will make your vacation enchanting and unforgettable. There are some sites-:

Palermo-: The regional capital of Palermo is one of the top places to see while in Sicily, not because it is the largest city, but due to its interesting historic legacy. A former home to kings and emirs, the city holds monasteries, castles, a cathedral, and a palace along with art galleries and a museum of archeology. Palermo also contains all of the elements of a bustling modern city.

Monreale-: Overlooking the city of Palermo lies Monreale, a village that is steeped in interesting historic facts. Learn about Thomas Becket, the English saint murdered in Canterbury Cathedral, and the heart of Saint Louis

Erice-: his town holds a famous Good Friday passion procession that surpasses others across Europe. The town has mimicked the ancient stone accents of medieval times in gray stone walls, a castle, and a church.

Agrigento-: This top place to visit while in Sicily is a historic goldmine, boasting several ancient Greek temples

Siracusa-: An important ancient city in the time of Greek and Roman times, Siracusa still contains fascinating archaeological sites, including standing columns of the ancient temple.

Taormina-: A mountaintop resort town overlooking the Ionian coast, Taormina has the modern elements of restaurants, shops, and beaches as well as a historical side of the Greek amphitheatre, medieval walls and streets, and several castles.

Messina / Cefalù-: the city of the Straits, only three kilometres away from the Calabrian coast.

Browse through the most comprehensive selection of Historical Tour Of Sicily directly from the best local tour expert NEW TRAVEL SERVICES. Whichever aspect of Sicilian culture, traditions, gastronomy, and artistic heritage interests you, you can be sure that it is covered by our selection. Our tailor made tours and multicentre holidays are very popular for those looking for a different style of holiday and to explore their holiday destination.

Searching For An Expert Sicily Travel Guide For An Exciting Holiday?

Planning to visit a place where you could witness everything from the culture of Hellenic antiquity to the glories of the middle Ages and the wonders of the revitalization, shaped by a dozen of civilizations? If so, then Sicily is the right place. Your Sicily Travel Guide will take you to, the largest island in the Mediterranean which has been a crossroads of cultures for 3,000 years, a history reflected in its diverse architecture, cuisine and ancient ruins. The island is a vast open-air museum, a testament to nearly every Mediterranean civilizations of the past.

Travellers who are prepared to take the good with the bad will discover that Sicily is an infinitely varied and tremendously fascinating of Sicily as a whole. This incomparable Sicily Travel Guide offers everything from the noise of Palermo to the majesty of Mount Etna. Other fascinating stops include the ancient city of Syracuse and the valley of temples. On tailor made tours of Sicily the travellers experience the enormous diversity of the island. Sicily is a land of cultures and contradictions. Surrounded by three seas, the largest island in the Mediterranean offers everything from ancient temples to modern slums with Mount Etna and the Mafia thrown in for good measure.Sicily ExcursionsSicily is a wonderful destination. Through the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, holiday makers are treated with a range of things with Sicily Travel Guide, whether it is a day at one of the island’s superb beaches, a walk along its stunning coastlines or a trip up its majestic mountains. With both Roman and Greek ruins, and of course, the natural wonder of Mount Etna, it is where you will find some of the most fascinating historical attractions in Italy. Holiday makers really are spoilt for choice when it comes to thing to do in Sicily.

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