Best Things You Need To Know About Historical Tour Of Sicily

Timo-Elliott-1-16-Whats-the-ROIGet under the skin and explore the secrets of Italy’s largest island, Sicily where there exist numerous ancient monuments, buildings, and dating back several decades and some even millennium. Many of these are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites with as many waiting to be inscribed. Coupled with a stunning 1,000 Km long shoreline, Sicily make up for an excellent holiday time.

But If You’re A History Enthusiast, Then Here Are Our Top Best Historical Sites In Sicily


  • Temples of Selinunte

Sitting on a high plane overlooking the sea is the Borghi (a small town in Italy) of Selinunte where the largest archaeological site in entire Europe is located. The ruins of the abandoned temples and acropolis are often compared to that of found in Greece. Reportedly, these were abandoned 2,500 years ago because of an ambush from Carthaginians. Though it was destroyed millennia ago, some of the parts of the temples are still intact. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  1. Temple E, it was reerected and renovated in the 1950s and the main temple in Selinunte.

  2. Temple G, the furthest temple from the entrance in the ruinous form.

  • Ancient theatre of Taormina

The open air ancient theatre of Taormina which was constructed probably by the Greeks in the third century BC. Later it was renovated and expanded by the Romans. Historically, it was used for organizing dramatic and musical performances during the Greek period and for games and gladiatorial battles during the Romans. From the theatre you’ll be gifted with an excellent view of the nearby Calabrian Coast, Ionian Coast, and the cone of Mount Etna.

  • Valley of the Temples, Agrigento (Valle dei Templi)

This is another significant archaeological site in the southern part of Sicily. Exemplary of the Greater Greece art and architecture, it is one of the national monuments of Italy and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. With a size of 1,300 hectares, it is the largest archaeological site in the world.

  • Ruins of Segesta

Located in the north-western part of Sicily, in the ancient city of Segesta there exist a well preserved Doric temple which, according to archaeologists, was built around 420 BC. Reports even suggest that it is an uncompleted temple and the construction was stopped midway. The lack of any paint or sculptured ornaments makes this temple rather unusual.

  • Neapolis Archaeological Park

Located in Syracusa, the archaeological site of Neapolis Archaeological Park is well known for accommodating the following historical sites:

  1. Neapolis quarter

  2. A Greek theatre

  3. Roman amphitheatre

  4. Altar of Hieron II

  5. Street of Tombs

  6. Stonequarries of Latomia del Paradiso

The Roman amphitheatre in here is among the largest ever constructed that dates back to 3rd Century AD.

  • Rocky Necropolis of Pantalica

Not far from Syracusa, the necropolis of Pantalica is located on a cliff overlooking the river Anapo. Pantalica originates from the Arabic word “buntarigah” which translates to ”place plenty of caverns”. It hosts more than 5,000 graves and small artificial caverns dug in the cliff.

  • Palermo Museum

The capital of Sicily, Palermo, is significant in a lot of aspects. First and foremost because there are countless number of things to see in here. Secondly, there are a number of museums in here that houses some of the unique antiquities of the ancient Sicily. Some of the museums are:

  • Stanze al Genio – House-museum

  • Museo internazionale delle Marionette “Antonio Pasqualino”

  • Museo archeologico regionale Antonio Salinas (Regional Archaeological Museum)

  • Galleria d’Arte Moderna Sant’Anna (Modern Art Gallery)

  • Galleria Regionale della Sicilia Palazzo Abatellis (Sicilian Regional Art Gallery)

  • Solunto Archaeological Park

This has recently been named as an archaeological park where the remains of ancient Solunto are located on the foothills of Mount Catalfano. Solus was a major thriving commercial hub in Sicily region. The remains are of the ancient urban and administrative centres that date from the last phase of Solunto.

  • Villa Romana del Casale

It is a large ancient Roman villa which is located 3 Km from Armenian is Sicily. It has some of the richest and varied collection of Roman mosaics which date to early 4th Century AD. Both the exterior and interior of the villa are overwhelmingly beautiful. As per the records, some of the finest artisans were hired to work on the construction of the villa which gave it its current charming beauty.

  • Ancient Cathedral and Churches of Cefalu

Cefalu is one of the main tourist attractions in Sicily located northern coast of the island. The region is mostly known for numerous churches and a Norman architecture cathedral tht was built in 1131. The cathedral is well preserved today and the interior was last renovated in 1551. Besides that, there are dozens of churches, most of which were built in between 15001600 BC.

Apart from the above ten, you can endlessly Sicily Tour searching for Historical Tours and at the end still will be left with few. That’s the number of things Sicily has up under its sleeves. And when you’re done with the historical tours, you can hit the beaches at any of the location or take a city excursion tour admiring the streets of the towns. But to go around from place to place, you’d need a well maintained car that vowes to not break down in between.


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9 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Sicily Vacation

Is Sicily beautiful? Is the part of Italy is worth visiting?

Sicily Vacation

All these questions seem to be very absurd when someone asks it. It is because: all those have returned from this land share their experience that Sicily is extraordinarily beautiful. All these questions seem to be very absurd when someone asks it. It is because: all those have returned from this land share their experience that Sicily is extraordinarily beautiful.

Home to many glorious wonders, such as the Mount Etna, the most active volcano in Europe, and other Italian delicacies like the Cannoli, the Teatro Massimo: the largest opera house in Italy and some of the world’s most attractive beaches it is a travelers paradise.

You can better know Sicily from some of the Hollywood blockbusters such as “ The God Father “Cinema Paradiso” “Ocean’s Twelve” and many others.The various landscapes, from beachfront, to volcanic, to desert, to the forest, has attracted many a Hollywood makers to captivate the grand beauty of this tiny island in their camera frame.

Take your Sicily Excursions today to soak in a land that is a heaven for the Hollywood makers and feel like the characters of those movies have been shot here. Roaming through its exotic scenic beauty would take you to a different world: called a glamorous world: a land, what the children say as a fairy land. This legendary island never ceases to enchant foreigners and locals alike.

I am sure: no one would ever mind if his/her trip is extended from city to shore. You can ski, hike and swim at beautiful beaches and in crystal clear streams and taking a walk hand in hand with your partner in the old town and spending some time in the ice-cream parlor while looking to the vast stretched beaches of Siracusa is so impressive that no word can depict it.

Everyone wants to get the most from the country he is traveling to. It is because traveling to a foreign land is a onetime investment for a number of people.


If you are planning to take a break in Sicily in your next vacation, then this blog is going to state you the nine ways to make the most of your Sicily Excursions as you travel between cities or from coast to coast:

1. Stop to see the millennia-old Doric Temples in Agrigento: The archaeological site at Agrigento, in Sicily, was inserted onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. The agora, the pagan and Christian necropolises, and the crawling network of subterranean aqueducts, constitute the richness of the Doric temples.

2. As you travel along the Northern coast, get out and stretch your legs in seaside Cefalu: Known for it’s appealing nature and the best view of sunset this picturesque historic town on a rocky headland is a perfect place to stop on your Sicily tour. Cafelu is a magnificent place for a superb sea side experience. The Norman cathedral, decent transport links, delicious  Sicilian food and all year round sunshine all add up to make the town one of Italy’s most attractive seaside destinations.

3. It’s all about architecture while traveling between Ragusa and Siracusa.In Siracusa and Ragusa : two of the towns listed in world heritage: you would find a lot of sites full of  historic architectural styles. The Greek temples, Roman villas and aqueducts, Norman cathedrals or Baroque churches everything would give you a different flavour of ancient architecture that Sicily was famous for.

4. You have to stop and taste the world-famous marzipan candies in Erice!Everyone visiting to Sicily must stop to taste the world-famous marzipan candies in Erice: the medieval mountain top town in Sicily, renowned for its almond based sweets.

5. Nothing said luxury during ancient Roman times like the use of tiles: Most specifically Capri in Southern Italy, is famous for its beautiful ornamented tiles with bright Mediterranean colours. Most of the historical buildings in which the tiles were used are still intact. Now also the modern hotels and buildings use the traditional tiles to appear more traditional.

6. The mouth-watering chocolate of Modica is a must in Sicily.Chocolate in Modica is known as cioccolata modicana: is made with a very old recipe, none other than from the Aztecs. It is one of the very favourite of the Sicilian tastes that is always recommended to taste on a Visit To Sicily. The aroma is that of roasted cocoa beans, with a slight trace of astringency. It is traditionally flavoured with cinnamon or vanilla. However you can just as easily find chocolate with chilli, carob, coffee, citrus fruits. The chocolate of Modica can be eaten as it is or dissolved in water as a drink.

7. Massive Mount Etna is Europe’s largest active volcano: The tallest active volcano in Europe attract the world attention for it’s exotic natural settings. It’s extraordinary beauty has made it appear in a “Star Wars” movie. Located near the east coast of the island of Sicily, Mount Etna is a must stop for all those Holidaying In Sicily. Its impressive size:  spectacular eruptions,  fiery lava flows, have always stimulated the interest of scientists and the curiosity of visitors from all over the world.

8. Take the “road less traveled” and immerse yourself in Sicilian culture.Sicily has a mixed culture of different civilizations that have left their cultural print on it during their invasion. In many spots in the island, you may walk in to a church that was once a Norman church, a Mosque or used to be a Greek temple. Sicily has one of the most unique and interesting cultures in Europe.

9. Become Indiana Jones for the day and explore Sicily’s archaeological sites: Just like the Indiana Jones : try to explore every of the archaeological sites of Sicily. Once an obscure part of Southern Italy “Sicily”, is now one of the world’s favourite Island destinations. Sicily is full of archaeological monuments and if you love it: you have plenty to do here.

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The Big Five -That Make Sicily The Best Attraction For The Travellers

Sicilly Tours
Sicily Excursions – Best Of Sicily With New Travel Services

Most commonly he answer to the question that what makes Sicily one thriving destinations in the world is its superb coast line that has offered some of the finest beaches to the world.

In real sense the multitude hues of its mosaics and tiles and the tantalizing sceneries this tiny Mediterranean island hosts are the biggest draw cards for the traveller’s world over. This is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and an autonomous region of Italy. But truly Sicilians don’t like to be recognised as the Italians; rather they prefer to be recognised as Europeans.

The rolling hills, crystal-clear blue sea, sandy beaches and rocky cliffs make this country a fascinating destination: that is worthy to travel.

Sicily’s abundant flora and fauna in its luxuriant parks, the salt pans of Trapani, the lush greenery of the Mount Etna , the canyon of the Alcantara river and the botanic gardens of Palermo (famous throughout Europe for its variety of rare plants and centuries-old trees) make this country a destination that everyone dream of.

Sicily is a gift of God and the wonders you would come across on your way would mesmerise you. You must feel that after centuries of exploration you know very little about this tiny island that dominates to the world tourism. With a wealth of art and archaeological gems, historic cities, medieval towns and villages, superb food and stunning natural beauty, from golden sandy beaches, lapped by unbelievably clear aquamarine waters, to the smoking crater of Mount Etna, Sicily will surprise and delight you.

This article is going to reveal you a few of the reasons on why people keep Sicily at the top of their bucket list when they think of a Mediterranean Trip? Sicily is not just a summer park for the goers: Site Seeing In Sicily is not just the site seeing: it goes something beyond of it. It is always accompanied with the culture and history.

The Historical Tours Of Sicily appeals to all kinds of travellers no matter what time of the year it is. For example, travellers who want to explore the best of the city’s Greek temples or the two laze by the beach: Sicily is a magnificent play ground for them. Don’t miss the following attractions on your Sicily Tour to give it a meaning.

  • View From The Greek Theatre In Taormina:

Greek Theatre In TaorminaHistorical Tour Of Sicily | Taxi Taormina

It is a grand historic monument of 7th Century BC, not to be missed. Now the theatre is in a ruined condition yet continuing as a great global attraction for centuries. Over the time the theatre has suffered damage and a large portion of it is missing. People visit to see this ruined theatre due to the magnificent panoramic view of the Bay of Naxos and towering Mount Etna that the empty space allows.

  • The Ear of Dionysus (Orecchio di Dionisio):

The Ear of Dionysus

Carved out of the Temenites hill within the Syracuse Archaeological Park it is a magnificent limestone cave. The cave is believed to be named by the painter Caravaggio, owing to its similarity in shape to the human ear. The tragic Legend reveals that Dionysus held political prisoners within the cave as the acoustics allowed him to hear their whispered secrets, and their tortured screams would be amplified as a warning to others.

  • Mount Etna:

Mount Etna

Recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site the world’s most active volcanos is a good idea for a full day tour. The panoramic views of the coast and countryside throughout the day will take your breath away. Here you would feel that the nature supersedes to the fabulous beaches that remain to be the central attraction for the visitors.

  • Taormina:


Arguably one of the prettiest towns in Sicily. Take Taxi Taormina on the same day as Mount Etna. Perched on top of a steep hill, it has some excellent panoramic views of Mount Etna and the Mediterranean Sea which are simply stunning. Enjoing a glass of wine in one of Taormina’s sunny, flower-laden piazzas or visiting the pebble beach for a paddle in the warm sea are some of the awe-exciting moments you would never experience in any beach destination.

  • Roman Villa in Piazza Armerina

Roman Villa in Piazza Armerina

Everybody’s personal favourite, this Villa is located about 3km outside the town of Piazza Armeria was built in the first quarter of the 4th century. The villa has a most unusual layout and contains the richest, largest and most complex collection of Roman mosaics in the world.

For a small island, Sicily comes as a surprise that it has more than one airport. The Palermo Falcone-Borsellino, the Trapani Vincenzo Florio and the Catania Vincenzo Bellini. Sicily has several options to get into the different part of the city from its airport. Just book your flight for an unforgettable holidaying that has no match in the world.

Book A Transfer – Sicily Transfer | Taxi Catania | Taxi Taormina – New Travel Services

Sicilly Transfer

Which is the marvellous fixed attitude of Sicily Transfer? Is it the community transportations or the rental cars? It is a controversial am a source of for everyone grand design for a daylight savings time in Sicily. Should one torn a wagon or manage the available person in the street transportation?  Some manage prefer to manage nation truck, nonetheless it is literally difficult to see information on the Internet, and sprinkling sites stipulate that buses are not reliable. And the eventual way is to conceive of a four by eight rental as a mode of auto to drive back and forth in and far and wide Sicily.

Why Do People Love To Visit Sicily?

Apart from noble sites relish Mt. Etna, Syracus and Taormina.

Sicily Transfer would amount to be asked you to its corn fed side that changes its impress and boast from valley to valley. The  close to the ground romantic villages that predate forgot, the sparkly crystalline bounding main, Byzantine mosaics, a eke out a living volcano, bright folk writing, rowdy city markets, built to last mountains, peaceful fields of blanket, Carthaginian Greek and Roman archaeological remain, Norman castles, prehistoric flat paintings in the pettily islands and the register goes on… There is no accomplishing to Sicilian beauty. Hence house does comprehend it to visit.

Sicily Transfer by en masse of the nation transportation modes relish the certify and the bucket of bolt are neither sumptuous, nor the safe. Hence it is permanently advisable to try a van rental by for the most part of the holding up in wash agencies.

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  • If traveling both pickup and city worker, by the time mentioned no require requiring a guide.
  • It would throw in one lot with you making your run exclusively private.
  • You can bring up the rear more site being places within to be paid time.

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Sicilian Sizzle: A Romantic Weekend Getaway In Taormina

“Nothing can be the more romantic schedule of your life than a weekend away with your love to a romantic destination.”

Why couple plan Travel To Sicily? Travel has been a never-ending source of strengthening a relationship. It facilitates some exclusive private moments to the young hearts to come closer and feel the breathing of one another: to express the feelings freely and to know one another’s vision and dream in life. Escaping for a romantic weekend to one of the fascinating sites is not a bad idea for the couples or newlyweds. It keeps them away from the buzzing life where they do not want even to exchange a dialogue between them. Travel brings them ample of times to share their love and feelings. Besides when a couple spends uninterrupted time together for an extended period in an unfamiliar setting, the challenges that arise truly test their love for each other and this intensify the bondage.

travel plan.png

Can Sicily Travel make me romantic? Being romantic does not depend on age. It is not the cup of tea that only the young should ship. At any age, you can be romantic. Besides some places and environments would turn you to be romantic. This would feel your mind with immense pleasure and take you to a different world where you would feel yourself younger than your age. The world has been filled with such enormous places which would make you romantic once you are getting in there.   And the brutal truth is that as long as you have not been to an exotic piece of land with your life partner you can’t nurture the perfect love. It is not hard to develop the relationship on an outing. There is a saying” We travel to be lost in romance”.

Nothing can be the more romantic schedule of your life than a weekend away with your love to a romantic destination. And if you are planning a romantic trip, Taormina in Sicily Island, Italy, is not a bad idea. Nothing can surpass your feelings that you would experience sitting at the foothill of Mt. Etna or soaking with sea, sun and sand at the popular beaches on the Ionian Sea or witnessing a show holding her hands in the Greek theatre. Taormina: a picturesque town with many hiking paths that wind through the beautiful hills surrounding it promises a timeless alternative. The coast of Taormina has some beautiful beaches such as Isola Bella, Lido Spisone, Mazzarò and Giardini Naxos where you can soak with sea, sand and sun. The rocks and the sea, make the place a perfect destination for memorable romance.


The town of Taormina is the perfect destination for a romantic weekend break or honeymoon. It is full of beautiful flower covered villas and palazzos amongst candlelit narrow passages with boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Some of the romantic activities you can be involved in making your relationship everlasting on your Trip to Sicily, Taormina is:

Stay in a Historic Hotel:


Taormina has some of the best hotels in the world with most luxurious settings with glistening swimming pools and far-reaching views of the Ionian Sea. Enjoy the international standard service. The exclusively well-furnished rooms, the panoramic view of the Ionian Sea along with the wine and the privacy would make you more romantic than ever.   Taormina and its surrounding area have numerous luxurious and gorgeous accommodations to choose from. Choose one that best suits your budget and desire.

Take a walk:


You can enjoy unique atmosphere by walking through narrow and steep streets of the town, which always lead to some panoramic terrace or square. You would be invited by lots of cafes, pastry shops, restaurants and pizzerias to taste the local specialities. Visit Corso Umberto: the main shopping street of the city. Buy all those your lady love wants and also make the purchase of something that you keep you remembering your sweet days on the island forever. 

Beach breaks:


Visiting Taormina with your lady love and not spending time at its picturesque beaches is really insignificant. Taormina has the beautiful beaches such as Mazzaró Bay and Isola Bella, which provide great relaxation; lots of water sports activities including swimming in the crystal clear sea and laying half naked on its shore are really exciting.

Visit the Greek Theatre:


Take your sweetheart to one of the shows of Greek Theatre. You must enjoy the show and it is the best way to learn about the Italian history and culture. The Greek-Roman amphitheatre is still performing some of the best shows that attract to the young minds. 

A tour to public gardens:


You may visit any of the public gardens to enjoy a romantic walk along the paths with many species of plants, flowers, palm trees, etc. Nature always appears here at its best. Just sit on the benches and you must admire the view of Giardini Naxos Bay and Mount Etna.


Take a trip to Mount Etna:


Mount Etna is only a 45-minute drive away from the city. Mount Etna and its slopes have been part of a national park since 1987, which includes varied landscapes from snow-capped mountaintop to lush woods, lava fields to vineyards etc.  Remember the excitement of standing atop an active volcano is almost as intense as being in love.

Once you’ve landed in Catania airport on your Tour to Sicily, get your romantic weekend off to a running start by jumping right into a pre-booked airport taxi to Taormina. With just a few simple clicks online, you can arrange your transport from Catania airport to your accommodation and back. The drive is just under an hour, with stunning views of the Ionian Sea off to the east. For the better experience of your once in a lifetime visit just click on and you would be soon responded. For further queries dial 39 338 8855528. Give your romance an unforgettable shape with us.


Find out the great and useful information of Sicily


Have you ever been on a Tour to Sicily?

This Italian beauty will leave you wanting more. Sicily serves as a good transit station between the eastern and the western Mediterranean for its favourable central location. The 3 airports in Trapani, Palermo and Catania along with the main ports at Trapani, Palermo, Messina, and Catania, make this island favourably accessible. The mild climate with no significant tides, a rich culture and history supported by great seafood and cuisine make this land one of the hottest destinations in the world. .

Sicily is famous for ancient culture, dynamic traditions and cordial hospitality. Stunning natural attractions like Mount Etna, or the Stromboli volcano in the Aeolian Islands as well as numerous ancient historic sites are some of the best attractions apart from the beaches. Apart from involving yourself with the sites of historic and scenic importance, you make some other activities recommended below to make your Sicily Excursion a grand one.


From high end clothing boutiques to locally made clothes, potter, ceramics, and food, this city has it all. Two of it’s streets have enough shops displaying various things; native and foreign. Besides the cafes, pastry shops, pizzerias, and restaurants there would transfer your tour to a Sicily food tour.


Boat trip:

A one hour boat trip from Cefalu to the Aeolian Islands is awe-inspiring. The voyage will offer you breathtaking views which would last long after you depart from Sicily.



La Rocca, a very small mountain in Cefalù, which was being used as a fortress several hundred years ago is now a site of worship and one of the top ranking destination in Sicily. As you climb, you’ll find the nature at it’s fullest with the gorgeous plants, trees, wildlife etc.



Fishing is increasingly popular here in Cefalu. It is one of the oldest occupations of the people living in this town. Small wooden boats launch every day to catch sardines and other small fishes right off the coast.

Tips that is useful in your Sicily tour.

  • Eat plenty of seafood on the coast of Sicily, since it is always fresh and reasonably priced.
  • Don’t miss a sunset on the coast.
  • Book Taxi Taormina to see the countryside of Sicily, where rolling hills and mountains are the landscape.
  • Explore the history and culture of Sicily with a friendly Sicily Travel Guide. The countless nations which invaded Sicily in turns contributed to the island’s culture.
  • Holidays in Sicily are cheaper than you might expect.

Plan your vacation either in May-June or September-October to explore the Sicilian grandeur at fullest. This is the flowering season and the perfect time for sun bathing. And the perfect agency is the New Travel Services which would take you with this excursion to the heart of one of the most engaging Sicilian tours through one of the most fascinating journeys in Sicily, to the discovery of ancient lava flows of Etna. We have long years of experience in dealing with the overseas travel. We have fluent English speaking guides who always try to take you to such sights of Sicily that would flash in your mind long after you depart from this land. Just drop us a mail and we would take the responsibilities starting from your arrival to departure and let you leave this land with all Sicilian flavours. Also you can visit our social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Plus Google, and LinkedIn.


Can anyone explore the hidden of the Mediterranean Sea through Sicily Excursions?

Sicily Excursionss.jpgAre you searching for a fast and busy trip that delivers an amazing taste of Sicily? Then don’t get late to book your Sicily trips to please all kind of experience. Apart from the breathtaking scenery and the lure of the Mediterranean Sea, your Sicily Excursions can offer many exciting things to do, many of which the average tourist may not have thought of. For example, your Sicilian vacation could include Ancient Greek Ruins. The travellers have many options on how to see Sicily, depending ahead how vigorous or audacious they want to be.

Sicily is one of the most charming and wonderful islands in Europe. It is an ineradicable mark left by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spanish civilizations. This wide-ranging tour explores its stylish cities, striking villages, fresh-looking archaeological sites and impressive scenery. A Historical Tour of Sicily starts with an tour to Mt Etna, continuing to the towns of Syracuse, Agrigento, and Selinunte and so on. You cannot beat Sicily for its highlighted architectural sights. Sicily is gifted with amazing ruins and monuments left behind by the Greeks.

By perusing with the Best Sicilian Travel Guide, you can discover Sicily is a place that is known for amazing coasts, the rich tropical greenery of layered societies, fallen domains and old myths. Here are the some Highlights about the Stunning Scenery and Ancient Greek Ruins:-

  • Etna: – Top height of Sicily is name as Etna. Yes, Mount Etna is the tallest mountain of Sicily and situated in the city of Catania. Mt. Etna presents the excellent visions of the whole island. Here you can find your own way to the top for a look of the lunar landscape, which you cannot, able to get to any destination in the world. In addition, the ash fields, vineyards, roll hills and medieval towns hold additional flavour into your Mount Etna exploration.
  • Taormina: – it is a well-known city of Sicily where you can go for a visit to the Greek Theatre of Taormina. Not only the theatre of Greek but also you can get time for shopping. The town named as Piazza Armerina sighted you the amazing quantity of Roman mosaic floors, which is there from the 3rd century AD. It takes mostly four days if you want to explore this land widely. During your four days, it takes you towards the Valley of the Temples: Hera, Concordia, Heracles, and Zeus temples, which are the most famous Greek remains of Sicily.
  • Syracuse: – It is mostly known as the powerful city of Sicily. As the past architectural evidence, you can get The Greek Theatre, The Ear of Dionysius, Altar of Hieron II, The Roman Amphitheatre, and The National Archaeological Museum of “Paolo Orsi”. These are stands here from years ago to bring the old history towards the modern people
  • Castelmola: – last, not the least castella is the most beautiful village of the Sicily, which brings relaxation towards your hectic travelling journey. Here you can get the chances to be involved with the local peoples and learn their traditions by spending your whole day with them. Another priority to travel castella is you can find delicious restaurants at this place. In addition, you can find Saracen castle during your way to castella to Taormina.

Attracting, isn’t it? Then why are you waiting for? Bamboozling about how to get all of these in a single trip to Sicily? Then don’t get cheerless, you can more than this by booking your trip to Sicily with us. We the New Travel Services are the experts in Sicily who will bring the real sights of Sicily without any hesitation. We are here from years ago in search of real attraction about the Sicily, which can make us stand as unique in front of our competitors, and we did it. Our guides cum drivers are so friendly they serve you a high-class hospitality so that you will memorize us repeatedly.

Don’t waste times book your trip with us soon to avoid the last time rush? Getting a reservation is easy by sending a valuable email for us. You can email us through our email id so that we can get back to you without any kind of delay.