Enlist The Places And Examine The Reviews Before You Plan For Historical Tour Of Sicily

Why is Historical Tour Of Sicily very attractive? If you would want to take a deep inside, Then it would be a unique experience for lifetime. Sicily is a land with the ancient history and one of the most fascinating islands in Europe. Ancient civilizations, prehistoric caves, Byzantine churches, decorative buildings and majestic landscape all make Sicily a fascinating place to visit. Sicily is home to a fascinating and vibrant mix of cultures as well as spectacular natural landscapes, including the magical volcanoes of Etna and Stromboli. See history come to life as you journey through the ancient world, visiting famous landmarks, exploring archaeological sites & examining the ruins of ancient civilizations.

Historical Tour of Sicily introduces you to Sicily’s best known treasures, including its superbly well-preserved Greek temples, legendary Mount Etna and splendid Monreale Cathedral. Breathtaking walks with expansive views are the perfect way to experience special Sicily’s spectacular beauty.

  • Palermo-: The city is known more for its energetic road markets than for its cultural attractions, although there are first-class museums and historic churches. Palermo was called the “city of delights” for its beautiful gardens and architecture.
  • Aeolian Islands-: The Aeolian Islands are a volcanic archipelago with not only rocky coasts, caves and cliffs, but also splendid views, thermal resorts, water sports, good fishing and sandy beaches.
  • Mount Etna-: One of the world’s most active volcanoes. Europe’s greatest natural wonder is a living, sacred mountain of legend.
  • Siracusa-: It is one of the main historic cities of Sicily. It is an attraction visiting for its rich Greek history, culture, amphitheatres and architecture.
  • Piazza Armerina-: The Roman villa outside town has the most extensive mosaic pavements of the ancient Roman world, composed of rural scenes, pictures of flora and fauna, and classical motifs.
  • Agrigento-: The “Valley of the Temples” is a large archaeological site outside town surrounded by olive groves and almond orchards.
  • Monreale-: is a hill-town just outside Palermo in Sicily, is famous for the mosaics in its cathedral.
  • Segesta-: Segesta is one of the best preserved and most beautiful of all the Greek archaeological sites in the Mediterranean.
  • Taormina-: Taormina is a charming historical city with one of the world’s greatest views.

Sicily ExcursionsExplore the most inclusive historic cities of Sicily on your Historical Tour of Sicily directly from the best local tour expert New Travel Services. Whichever part of Sicilian culture, traditions, food, and artistic heritage interests you, you can be sure that it is covered by our selection. Our tailor made tours and multicentre holidays are very popular for those looking for a different style of holiday and to explore their holiday destination.

Let’s see the reviews of our clients-:

  • Francis M (Italy)– Said that we are expert in arranging the tours of Sicily, working 24 hours and a professional tour company. He suggested that it to all those who really want to know Sicily and its magical places.
  • Stewartra (Cambridge, United Kingdom)– large service and found reliable, contacted by e-mail without problems, I had pickup for several times and all flights had organized everything perfectly and implemented through Christian.
  • Lauren M (Astoria, New York)– We hired new travel services for airport transfer to and from Catania Airport to our hotel in Taormina. He was incredibly friendly, the car was clean, and the service overall was reliable and well worth the money.

Visiting Sicily is not all about just travelling – it’s about immersing yourself in a new and exciting culture.


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