Why You Choose Sicily Excursions To Reveal The Unexplored Beauty?

Sicily is a fascinating and charming land in Italy. As Sicily is one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations, Sicily Excursions offer all the tourists a pleasurable experience. Whenever you visit Sicily you should consider taking an excursion. This will enable you to learn more about the island and also about its history. It has a fascinating history for which it would be delightful to discover more about, so you should consider whether to book an excursion in advance. Doing so will help you get the best Sicilian holiday you could ever hope to enjoy.

In the midst of the Mediterranean, discover an island with personality all its own—full of flavor and teeming with one-of-a-kind art and architecture. From multicultural Palermo to breathtaking Taormina, each stop on this Sicily Excursions reveals unexpected treasures. Explore the lunar-like landscape of Europe’s largest active volcano – the towering Mount Etna, Discover the truly ancient history of the island with the ‘Sicilian Stonehenge’ in the Malabotta forest, Bargain at a local market and enjoy a picnic lunch at the historic centre of Monreale, Search crumbling Greek and Roman ruins in the charming seaside town of Taormina, Taste tradition in the famous chocolate of Modica, made from a centuries-old secret recipe.

The island is a unique place full of art, archaeology, history, folklore and breathtaking scenery. Sicily Excursions would bring you to such a land where nature seems to have endowed all its wonders Visitors spending their holidays on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sicily will most likely land in Catania. The city is not just a transport hub as it features a young and lively nightlife, as well as a lavish, Baroque architecture. The city is also the gateway to exploring Mount Etna, an active volcano that is one of Europe’s most famous natural landmarks. From Catania to Palermo or Agrigento you can find great packages that include visits to family cottages, local agriturismo farms where you can learn the art of Sicilian cooking and taste the many exotic recipes that trace their roots to the ancient Romans, Greeks, Spanish and Arabs; go on wine-tasting excursions and many more.

Sicily Travel GuideWhether you are a free, discerning traveler or a trip planner looking for reliable partners in Sicily, NEW TRAVEL SERVICES is one of the best travel experts providing you a high level of service. Our expert guides who will accompany you on the tour both know Sicily intimately. Their in depth knowledge and love of the island will be your shortcut to a superb experience of one of Europe’s most celebrated destinations.

As Sicily is a large island with much to explore, a trip is a relaxing way to soak up its delights. So Sicily Excursions provides an unforgettable encounter with the island’s long history and culture.


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