How Taxi Taormina Offers The Best Taxi Service For Sicily Excursions

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When you land at a visitor destination, the main thing that you will search for is an airplane terminal exchange with an expert driver, which can drop to your inn or some other goal securely. In the event that you are in a spot like Sicily, at that point you should go for Taxi Taormina offered by New Travel Services that will take you on an adventure to find a nation known for its relics, sustenance and widely acclaimed spots that nobody can coordinate.

Ford Transit Custom Tourneo 8 Seat

Ford Transit Custom Tourneo 8 Seat.PNG

With Ford Transit Tourneo Custom, you’ll appreciate an extraordinary onboard experience wherever you sit. Adaptable back seats offer numerous conceivable seat/baggage. Concerning solace and accommodation, premium textures and trims, more stowage alternatives and car-like dimensions of craftsmanship guarantee fulfilling ventures for driver and travelers alike. You can use this vehicle for your Transfer From Catania To Taormina in your holiday in Sicily.


  • Keeping your trailer securely in line
  • Greatest grasp with least exertion
  • Upgraded stability in troublesome driving conditions
  • Ceaseless security against moving over
  • Propelled frameworks for increasingly controlled braking
  • Control includes that adjust to your heap
  • Encompassed via airbags
  • Protecting kids


  • Sitting serenely, in bunches of various way
  • Run hands-free with SYNC 3
  • Everything in its place and a spot for everything
  • Twin sliding entryways
  • Wipers that naturally change in accordance with the downpour
  • Clear your windscreen rapidly, with Quickclear

Mercedes Class E

Mercedes Class E.PNG

The Mercedes Class-E business cantina conveys snappy features with its unmistakable, emotive structure and high-grade inside. The new E-Class additionally denotes the world debut of variously specialized advancements. They empower agreeable, safe driving on another dimension in addition to another measurement in driver help – in addition to other things. The aggregate of its advancements makes the E-Class the most astute cantina in the business class.


  • Driving Assistance
  • Consideration Assist
  • Tire Pressure lost cautioning framework
  • Control shutting
  • Passer-by security
  • Increasing speed slide control
  • Brake help framework
  • Versatile slowing mechanism


Stuffed with excessive driving, solace and security highlights more than ever in a completely staggering structure. Their ergonomic, sculptural structure joins Mercedes Class E trademark appropriateness for long voyages with a refined, lively look, including a one of a kind plan for each line. So rent this car with the best class comfort for your next Sicily Tours.

Mercedes Vito Silver

Mercedes Vito Silver.PNG

The Mercedes-Benz Vito Silver is the adaptable expert in the average size van portion. The assortment and changeability make the fair size Mercedes-Benz van an authority and all-rounder for a wide scope of client gatherings. As the main van in the medium size van portion, it offers three drive types just as numerous creative wellbeing and help frameworks. This would be a great vehicle to rent in Sicily if you are searching for Taxi Taormina.

Features And Comfort

  • Efficient payload monster
  • Productive moving, fuel spared
  • Strikingly clear – and safe
  • The abnormal state of security – the Vito as a benchmark
  • Support in each circumstance
  • Imaginative help frameworks as standard
  • Sit down and feel better
  • Space for extensive and little things
  • Continuously the correct tallness

Mercedes Vito Tourer

Mercedes Vito Tourer.PNG

The Mercedes Vito Tourer drives you forward – out and about and on the main concern. As excellent with regards to productivity and quality all things considered as far as adaptability and well-being. All things considered, it is the authority for expert traveler transport – from a genuine business vehicle master. Inventive help and well-being frameworks help guarantee that you achieve your goals of Sicily Transfer during your rental more securely.

Features And Comfort

  • Seating variations to meet practically any necessity
  • Vulnerable side help
  • Dynamic Parking Assist
  • Programmed driving lights
  • Path Keeping Assist

There is nothing to stress over your arranged visit to Sicily in light of the fact that our composed Taxi Taormina and exchanges will deal with the sort of adventure that suits your requirements. If it’s not too much trouble visit us at

For making propelled appointments and checking for value citations.


Discover Sicilian Viniculture And Taste Some Of The Best Wines On Your Sicily Tours

“Sicily is adored for its varied wines just as much as its equally varied cuisine.”

Sicily has a rich viniculture heritage all its own which is very different from the mainland of Italy. If you are an avid foodie then Sicily has a lot to offer not only it is one of the best gourmet destinations in the world but it also has some of the best wines and wineries. Like its varied cuisine, Sicily has also varied wines from its different region which you can taste during your Sicily Tours.


One of Europe’s most seasoned viticulture locales still offers some lovely astonishment. Sicily’s oenological history is an old one, dating from when the island was a piece of Magna Graecia. Sicilian oeniculture isn’t simply varietals. Sicily’s vintage wines are an enchanted creation, and a large number of the island’s conventional wines and spirits are well known a long ways past its shores. Sicily has its own table and pastry wines, and various territorial alcohols.

Listed below are few of the best wines of Sicily:



Marsala is from western Sicily, it is a braced wine utilized for cooking in dishes like chicken marsala to make a rich caramelized sauce, yet there is substantially more to this wine! At the point when it’s dry and nutty, it’s ideal for sipping like sherry while a caramel-sweet version which splendidly supplements Sicilian desserts like cassata. So don’t forget to try Marsala with cassata on your Sicily Tours.



Zibibbo is a generally planted grape that is the base for the normally sweet passito wines of Pantelleria. It is well known as Muscat of Alexandria. More caramel and honey concentrated that Malvasia di Lipari, it has aromas of apricots, candy-coated orange strip, and fresh figs.



Carricante is cultivated on the eastern inclines of Mount Etna principally in the region of Catania. Carricante involves at least 60% of Etna Bianco (white) wines. The remaining 40% is a mix of Sicilian white assortments. On the off chance that you discover a 100% Carricante wine, it flaunts citrus, orange bloom and aromas, bright acidity and minerality.


Grecanico has been grown on Sicily for centuries for the most part around Trapani, Palermo, and Agrigento. Grecanico is mainly a variety utilized in mixes. It has a fresh apple taste and great sharpness. At the point when mixed with Inzolia, the wine is nutty and nectar-like in character.


Inzolia is one of the ancient white grape assortments of Sicily utilized for Marsala and basically grown in the territory of Palermo. The best varieties have a nutty character and are reviving like a sea breeze.

Grillo And Catarratto


Grillo and Catarratto are both white grapes customarily utilized in Marsala production. They are cultivated throughout the island, but most notably in the regions of Palermo, Agrigento, and Trapani. At the point when treated well, Catarratto can make a wine that is new and sensitive with brilliant citrus and herbal aromas and Grillo is medium to full-bodied with marginally herbaceous and floral notes. So if you are a white wine lover, then don’t miss the chance to taste these unique white wines during your Sicily Excursions.



Frappato was mainly blended with different varietals while never venturing into the spotlight until recently. Planted primarily in the area of Ragusa, especially close Vittoria, this fruity, perky and fresh red is a blast of red fruit and savoury and floral notes like saltiness, lavender, and freshly mowed grass.


Among the celebrated sweet Sicilian Passito wines is the orangey-shaded Malvasia di Lipari. Planted in the volcanic fiery debris of the Aeolian islands of Salina and Lipari, the Malvasia grape inspires nectar, citrus blooms and naturally picked apricots in a glass. It’s best served somewhat chilled with a Sicilian sweet like cannoli.

Nero d’Avola

Nero d Avola.PNG

Nero d’Avola (meaning “Black of Avola”) is the broadest local red grape assortment planted in Sicily. As you travel around Sicily, attempt Nero d’Avola at each stop amid your Sicily Tours. With time, two winemaking styles win. The primary style is dim and thought with dark organic product fragrances with espresso, chocolate, and tobacco flavours from maturing in oak barrels. In the event that you like Cabernet Sauvignon, this is your wine. The second style is progressively rich with red cherry organic product flavours, crisp green notes and little if any oak maturing.

NerelloMascalese and NerelloCappuccio

NerelloMascalese and NerelloCappuccio are the grape varieties behind the celebrated Etna Rosso wines. NerelloMascalese is the star. It tends to be relished in at any age and is compared to fine Pinot Noir. Typically light in colour and alcohol, the principal taste contains a burst of red-fruit flavours, trailed by vivacious acidity and delicate tannins, making it delightfully easy to drink.


So if you want to discover these wines with the lip-smacking Sicilian delicacies with the pristine beauty of this Mediterranean Island on an exclusive tailor-made Sicily Tours then visit us at to plan your trip.

Our Best Answers To The 8 Common Faqs To Discover Sicily In An Improved Manner By Taxi Taormina

Sicily is a huge region; there is a lot to see. Tourists in several thousand in number arrive at the island of Sicily to witness the magnificence that this part of Italy has to offer. But tourists do come with unanswered questions which makes them hesitant of visiting Sicily altogether. Here are the most common frequently asked questions we hear from tourists either while we transfer them to their hotel or over emails:

Taxi Taormina.png

  • Are there visa requirements for visitors to Italy?

Yes, there are requirements which vary with the purpose of your Tour To Sicily and Italy in general. You can apply for the Visa online or at the Italian Embassy in your country. But assuming that you’re visiting Italy for the holiday purposes, the following things are required to obtain a visa:

  • Application form
  • 2 Photos
  • Passport copies
  • Ticket and return ticket copies
  • Travel medical insurance
  • Cover letter stating the purpose of your visit
  • Accommodation proof
  • Means of subsistence
  • How Do I Get Into The City From The Airport?

There are six main international-standard airports in Sicily and a number of smaller airstrips which are used for local aviation and smaller air crafts. From the airport, there are private taxis running most of the time of the day and will transfer you to any part of the island. Then you can go for Taormina Tours, Catania Tours, or any other city tours.

Buses and local trains also operate to and from the airport, but they offer less flexibility. Thus Taxi Taormina services are recommended/

  • What’s The Best Route By Car?

There’s no best single route to choose from airport to your destination and will vary depending upon time, traffic, scenery, and distance. If you’re Travelling From Catania To Taormina, you can use the A18 Highway which connects the two and takes about 52 minutes.

Discover Sicily

  • What’s The Best Way To Travel Within Sicily?

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean Island and getting from one place to another is a sheer fun in itself. Keeping in mind that the tourist places are scattered across the island and one needs to be flexible with timings, taxi services are considered the best medium for travelling within Sicily. You can choose your own timings, delay, or even renounce the trip.

  • Are The Various Sicily Tour/Excursion Services Advertised On The Internet Reliable?

Internet is a place for everyone and anyone can post anything. So it wouldn’t be wise to say that everything in here is reliable and trustworthy. But you can use review and testimonial sites and get a better sense on their credibility. Internet forums are also a good place for this.

  • How’s The Taxi Service In Town?

Towns are particularly old-fashioned, but the roads are modern and well-maintained, and a bit narrower. Buses and trains stick to the main routes and don’t go beyond that. Thus if you’re planning to explore Taormina or other cities and towns inside out, then Taxi Taormina services are the preferred choice.

  • Can You Recommend One Guide For Me?

We always like to help our tourists out wherever we can. So needless to say we can. Just drop us a message and we’ll select the most eligible tour guide for you in Sicily.

  • Where Can I Find An Internet Access Point To Check My Email?

Public Wi-Fi is available in selected Cafes, hotels, restaurants, parks, and public transport services. However, to keep in touch with your email and social media accounts, you can purchase a local SIM which offers 24X7 internet connectivity.

There are many places to see in Sicily and it’s really hard to pick one over the other. From the ancient theatres to mountain ranges, you should visit as many places as possible in your Tour To Taormina and Sicily. For airport transfer services or Sicily tour packages, contact New Travel Services today!

5 Interesting Things You Never Want To Missed Out During Your Sicily Excursions

With seductive beaches and stunning coast, Sicily is the place to be if you love touring coastal town more than anything else. The mountainous landscape along with the lush environment, beach setting, and low pollution makes it a perfect destination to plan your next holiday trip to. Not only in natural, but Sicily seems to be leading the pack in historical offerings too.

With Mount Etna in the background, Cycling Through Sicily will be all but fulfilling. But before you do that, here are five things you need to know:

Sicily Cycling Tours.png

1. You’ll explore Sicily at your own pace

As you travel through the city in the sunny, dry climate of Sicily, it’s important to pace yourself properly. The scenery at every step is worth of scrutiny.  Furthermore, there are numerous historical and prominent architectural monuments present throughout the city.

The coastal part of Sicily feels more alive and touristy. The green fields along the seashore with mountains in the background form a perfect setting. If you’re cycling during sunrise or sunset, expect even better views. There are various Expos held in Sicily from time to time. By cycling or by taking a taxi ride, you should try to cover some of them.

2. You’ll enjoy Italian food better

When you cycle for few hours, you lose energy which in turn intensifies your hunger. And as per logic and experiences, food tastes much better than otherwise. A number of well run restaurants are present throughout Sicily which serves both local and international cuisine, but you should go for Italian ones wherever possible.

Italian food

Sicily cuisine is not very much different from that of Italy. Not only Italian cuisine is appealing and good to look at, it is also nutritious and healthy. Pastas, pizzas, soups, and sandwiches form the main components of the meal. Wines are drinks make that complete. Street food is also you should enjoy while you’re in Sicily. Arancine, pani ca meus, panelle, are some of the foods you can find easily.

3. Explore the inner parts of the town

The inner parts of the town may seem deserted as there are far less people on the streets and some are even abandoned. Cycling through such an environment is a whole different set of experience. Like the rest part of Italy, the streets are pretty much clean flanked by trees and gardens. These are generally overlooked in the main tour packages.

Even if you’re on an existing Sicily Excursions, you can spend the free time that you get exploring the inner towns either by walking or cycling.

4. The bike ride will improve your health

To put things into perspective, riding a bicycle at an pace of 14 mph for an hour burns 48 calories per mile. Thus cycling is a perfect exercise for anyone looking to lose weight or get into shape.

In addition to that, Sicily is not an industrial town with little number of factories operating. This also means lesser number of vehicles on the roads. So the carbon emission in Sicily is among the lowest in Italy, which in turn means fresh, clean atmosphere. The high elevation of the towns and forests ranges and picturesque views add onto that and make you feel better psychologically. So a visit to Sicily means you’ll go back rejuvenated.

5. Taking a taxi ride is sometimes better

Even though bicycle rides come with a lot of advantages and benefits, sometimes taxi ride services outnumber those. Sicily is a vast covering an area of 25,711 sq km and major tourist spots are located throughout the island. Thus a bicycle will only get you too far which means you’ll have to miss out on some exciting ones.

Along with, steep slopes of the mountains will make it increasingly difficult for you to keep cycling for longer period of time and make it to the top. In those scenarios as well, taxi ride will come in handy. We, at New Travel Services, lease out cars ranging from minivans to luxury sedans.

Sicily Tour

A Trip To Sicily is a must if you’re a frequent traveller. With loads of things to do for tourists and natural environment, Sicily stands apart from the rest of Europe. If you’re coming to Sicily and need comprehensive tour packages or transfer services, simply drop us a mail and we’ll deploy our best cars for your Sicily tour.

Start your Sicily Excursions with one of the best travel expert New Travel Services and be sure that, we would make your tour of Sicily an unforgettable experience. We offer private excursions, catering to cruise travelers who visit the major ports of call in Sicily. Our aim is to offer services meeting the top expectations of the travellers who are in search of different cultures, people, taste and atmosphere.


Best Things You Need To Know About Historical Tour Of Sicily

Timo-Elliott-1-16-Whats-the-ROIGet under the skin and explore the secrets of Italy’s largest island, Sicily where there exist numerous ancient monuments, buildings, and dating back several decades and some even millennium. Many of these are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites with as many waiting to be inscribed. Coupled with a stunning 1,000 Km long shoreline, Sicily make up for an excellent holiday time.

But If You’re A History Enthusiast, Then Here Are Our Top Best Historical Sites In Sicily


  • Temples of Selinunte

Sitting on a high plane overlooking the sea is the Borghi (a small town in Italy) of Selinunte where the largest archaeological site in entire Europe is located. The ruins of the abandoned temples and acropolis are often compared to that of found in Greece. Reportedly, these were abandoned 2,500 years ago because of an ambush from Carthaginians. Though it was destroyed millennia ago, some of the parts of the temples are still intact. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  1. Temple E, it was reerected and renovated in the 1950s and the main temple in Selinunte.

  2. Temple G, the furthest temple from the entrance in the ruinous form.

  • Ancient theatre of Taormina

The open air ancient theatre of Taormina which was constructed probably by the Greeks in the third century BC. Later it was renovated and expanded by the Romans. Historically, it was used for organizing dramatic and musical performances during the Greek period and for games and gladiatorial battles during the Romans. From the theatre you’ll be gifted with an excellent view of the nearby Calabrian Coast, Ionian Coast, and the cone of Mount Etna.

  • Valley of the Temples, Agrigento (Valle dei Templi)

This is another significant archaeological site in the southern part of Sicily. Exemplary of the Greater Greece art and architecture, it is one of the national monuments of Italy and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. With a size of 1,300 hectares, it is the largest archaeological site in the world.

  • Ruins of Segesta

Located in the north-western part of Sicily, in the ancient city of Segesta there exist a well preserved Doric temple which, according to archaeologists, was built around 420 BC. Reports even suggest that it is an uncompleted temple and the construction was stopped midway. The lack of any paint or sculptured ornaments makes this temple rather unusual.

  • Neapolis Archaeological Park

Located in Syracusa, the archaeological site of Neapolis Archaeological Park is well known for accommodating the following historical sites:

  1. Neapolis quarter

  2. A Greek theatre

  3. Roman amphitheatre

  4. Altar of Hieron II

  5. Street of Tombs

  6. Stonequarries of Latomia del Paradiso

The Roman amphitheatre in here is among the largest ever constructed that dates back to 3rd Century AD.

  • Rocky Necropolis of Pantalica

Not far from Syracusa, the necropolis of Pantalica is located on a cliff overlooking the river Anapo. Pantalica originates from the Arabic word “buntarigah” which translates to ”place plenty of caverns”. It hosts more than 5,000 graves and small artificial caverns dug in the cliff.

  • Palermo Museum

The capital of Sicily, Palermo, is significant in a lot of aspects. First and foremost because there are countless number of things to see in here. Secondly, there are a number of museums in here that houses some of the unique antiquities of the ancient Sicily. Some of the museums are:

  • Stanze al Genio – House-museum

  • Museo internazionale delle Marionette “Antonio Pasqualino”

  • Museo archeologico regionale Antonio Salinas (Regional Archaeological Museum)

  • Galleria d’Arte Moderna Sant’Anna (Modern Art Gallery)

  • Galleria Regionale della Sicilia Palazzo Abatellis (Sicilian Regional Art Gallery)

  • Solunto Archaeological Park

This has recently been named as an archaeological park where the remains of ancient Solunto are located on the foothills of Mount Catalfano. Solus was a major thriving commercial hub in Sicily region. The remains are of the ancient urban and administrative centres that date from the last phase of Solunto.

  • Villa Romana del Casale

It is a large ancient Roman villa which is located 3 Km from Armenian is Sicily. It has some of the richest and varied collection of Roman mosaics which date to early 4th Century AD. Both the exterior and interior of the villa are overwhelmingly beautiful. As per the records, some of the finest artisans were hired to work on the construction of the villa which gave it its current charming beauty.

  • Ancient Cathedral and Churches of Cefalu

Cefalu is one of the main tourist attractions in Sicily located northern coast of the island. The region is mostly known for numerous churches and a Norman architecture cathedral tht was built in 1131. The cathedral is well preserved today and the interior was last renovated in 1551. Besides that, there are dozens of churches, most of which were built in between 15001600 BC.

Apart from the above ten, you can endlessly Sicily Tour searching for Historical Tours and at the end still will be left with few. That’s the number of things Sicily has up under its sleeves. And when you’re done with the historical tours, you can hit the beaches at any of the location or take a city excursion tour admiring the streets of the towns. But to go around from place to place, you’d need a well maintained car that vowes to not break down in between.


We, at New Travel Services, provide you with best airport transfer facility along with transportation to towns all over Sicily in modern Mercedes vehicles. Contact Us today for booking to best travel destination.

Sicily Travel Guide: What to Know Before You Go

Sicily Travel Guide: What to Know Before You Go

Is Sicily said to be on the toe of Italy is a travelers delight?

Sicily: the tiny island has passed from one dominating power to another with remarkable frequency making him culturally and historically rich. It has been a crossroad of various civilizations since centuries and has been holding the signs of rich art and architecture from all.

People often misinterpret Sicily as a destination for beach lovers or newly-weds. It is not true. The place has many things to offer.  If you would explore this land with a proper Sicily Travel Guide: you would be amazed to find the host of treasures this mini island is hiding in it.

Sicily Travel Guide

It is not only the offerings, rather the dazzling diversity of landscapes and cultural treasures combined with the mild climate make this an attractive destination for much of the year. The island is not to be underestimated as a thriving destination. If you would look at it’s rich history: you would find that this small island once had attracted to the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Saracen Arabs, the Normans, the Swabians, the French and the Spanish by its exotic beauty.

Take your next break to Sicily and you must feel that you will have a holiday like no other. The varieties of things to see and do here would pay you back the every penny you spend here.

The grandeur of its natural beauty, lazing on its coast lines, visiting to it’s most mysterious capital Palermo, that holds much wonderment and, calmness of its old town are some of the bests not to be missed.

If you want to take your next break in Sicily Tour then this blog would help you a lot by providing you some of the most necessary information that would help you for the successful planning of your trip.

sicily travel guide

What To Know Before You Travel Sicily:

Anyone visiting Sicily should know the followings beforehand for the hassle-free and successful exploration of the island.

  • Traveling to Sicily presents some culture shock.
  • Most Sicilians don’t like to present themselves as Italians, rather they prefer to present themselves as Europeans.
  • Don’t ask anything to anybody about Mafia. Mafias are a great threat to tourism in Sicily and you may not know that the person you are talking to belongs to Mafia or not.
  • Remember: Siesta in Sicily is literally naptime for the entire city and for the visitors it is very annoying. During this hours the shops and restaurants close, businessmen go home for lunch and a nap, and people stay inside. Hence travelers should pay heed to the time of Siesta, those depending on the restaurants or hotels for their lunch.
  • While on Sicily: try to visit some of the Grecian temples of historic importance to know about the rich history and culture of this tiny island. The temples like the Greek Temple of Segesta, dated to 5th century, is one of the world’s best examples of Doric architecture, and the ancient Greek Theatre of Taormina: the 2nd largest ancient theatre in Sicily should not be missed on your tour.
  • Remember: the highway in the northern part of Sicily is smooth and a drive along the coast is like any western road. So you can take a faster drive here. But in the southern side, the condition of the roads is not so good and they are poorly marked. This is why always you are recommended for a GPS while driving in the southern part of Sicily.

How To Get There & How To Move Around:

Tourists can fly easily to Sicily . It has got three international airports which have been connected with the direct flights from many countries: most specifically form Australia and it’s other neighbouring countries. Fontanarossa in Catania is said to be the busiest international Airport in Sicily which alone witnesses more than six lakh tourists every year. In the peak season, many of the airlines provide special offers to attract the tourists for flying and booking well in advance for a airline to fly is an opportunity not to be missed.

In regard to the in and around discovery of Siclly , there is the public transportation like the buses and the trains: but they are too late in their operations and do not connect to almost all the thriving destinations of Sicily. For the smoothest exploration of this island hiring of a rented car (with the driver) much prior to your arrival in this land is recommended. Starting from receiving you from your airport to your hotel to taking you to different destination points and leaving you in the airport to fly back your home: these companies would be with you.  If your luck supports: you can have a good English speaking driver who can be the best alternative to a guide.

When To Go

The best seasons to visit Sicily are the spring and the fall, when temperatures are pleasant; most likely you’ll still be able to bathe in the sea, and at the same time you won’t be oppressed by the summer heat when visiting the cities and sites. Summer is obviously the busiest season find crowded beaches and higher prices.  The beaches here offer the opportunity for some of the most enthralling water sports and marine rich food. The sports and the cuisine must be loved by the people accompanying you on your Trip To Sicily.

End up your trip in Palermo: one of the Mediterranean’s great unsung destinations: the capital city of Sicily Island, known for it’s beauty and decay. While taking a short walk through the centre of town, you’ll pass through the sumptuous palazzos, elegant squares, chic restaurants, immaculate pastry shops, and enough artifacts left over by the various foreign invaders and all these altogether make your Sicily tour so enchanting that, you would not forget ever during your lifetime.

New Travel Services is one of the best commute experts which extend the Sicily Excursions mutually best of services also. We furthermore gave travelers the perfect information close but no cigar Sicily and the places to travel mutually the guide. We draw people rare by doing marriages in Sicily. We by the same token provide the newsletters. The travelers will feel ostentatious and distinctive through our services. Enjoy a unique get in the looking like a million surroundings of Sicily with us.

The island of Sicily, reside off the grand unification theory of Italy in the Mediterranean, seems in profuse ways impending a green apart. So if you are awaiting a go through that encapsulates the best parts of history from everywhere the world before Sicily Excursions is for you. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


9 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Sicily Vacation

Is Sicily beautiful? Is the part of Italy is worth visiting?

Sicily Vacation

All these questions seem to be very absurd when someone asks it. It is because: all those have returned from this land share their experience that Sicily is extraordinarily beautiful. All these questions seem to be very absurd when someone asks it. It is because: all those have returned from this land share their experience that Sicily is extraordinarily beautiful.

Home to many glorious wonders, such as the Mount Etna, the most active volcano in Europe, and other Italian delicacies like the Cannoli, the Teatro Massimo: the largest opera house in Italy and some of the world’s most attractive beaches it is a travelers paradise.

You can better know Sicily from some of the Hollywood blockbusters such as “ The God Father “Cinema Paradiso” “Ocean’s Twelve” and many others.The various landscapes, from beachfront, to volcanic, to desert, to the forest, has attracted many a Hollywood makers to captivate the grand beauty of this tiny island in their camera frame.

Take your Sicily Excursions today to soak in a land that is a heaven for the Hollywood makers and feel like the characters of those movies have been shot here. Roaming through its exotic scenic beauty would take you to a different world: called a glamorous world: a land, what the children say as a fairy land. This legendary island never ceases to enchant foreigners and locals alike.

I am sure: no one would ever mind if his/her trip is extended from city to shore. You can ski, hike and swim at beautiful beaches and in crystal clear streams and taking a walk hand in hand with your partner in the old town and spending some time in the ice-cream parlor while looking to the vast stretched beaches of Siracusa is so impressive that no word can depict it.

Everyone wants to get the most from the country he is traveling to. It is because traveling to a foreign land is a onetime investment for a number of people.


If you are planning to take a break in Sicily in your next vacation, then this blog is going to state you the nine ways to make the most of your Sicily Excursions as you travel between cities or from coast to coast:

1. Stop to see the millennia-old Doric Temples in Agrigento: The archaeological site at Agrigento, in Sicily, was inserted onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. The agora, the pagan and Christian necropolises, and the crawling network of subterranean aqueducts, constitute the richness of the Doric temples.

2. As you travel along the Northern coast, get out and stretch your legs in seaside Cefalu: Known for it’s appealing nature and the best view of sunset this picturesque historic town on a rocky headland is a perfect place to stop on your Sicily tour. Cafelu is a magnificent place for a superb sea side experience. The Norman cathedral, decent transport links, delicious  Sicilian food and all year round sunshine all add up to make the town one of Italy’s most attractive seaside destinations.

3. It’s all about architecture while traveling between Ragusa and Siracusa.In Siracusa and Ragusa : two of the towns listed in world heritage: you would find a lot of sites full of  historic architectural styles. The Greek temples, Roman villas and aqueducts, Norman cathedrals or Baroque churches everything would give you a different flavour of ancient architecture that Sicily was famous for.

4. You have to stop and taste the world-famous marzipan candies in Erice!Everyone visiting to Sicily must stop to taste the world-famous marzipan candies in Erice: the medieval mountain top town in Sicily, renowned for its almond based sweets.

5. Nothing said luxury during ancient Roman times like the use of tiles: Most specifically Capri in Southern Italy, is famous for its beautiful ornamented tiles with bright Mediterranean colours. Most of the historical buildings in which the tiles were used are still intact. Now also the modern hotels and buildings use the traditional tiles to appear more traditional.

6. The mouth-watering chocolate of Modica is a must in Sicily.Chocolate in Modica is known as cioccolata modicana: is made with a very old recipe, none other than from the Aztecs. It is one of the very favourite of the Sicilian tastes that is always recommended to taste on a Visit To Sicily. The aroma is that of roasted cocoa beans, with a slight trace of astringency. It is traditionally flavoured with cinnamon or vanilla. However you can just as easily find chocolate with chilli, carob, coffee, citrus fruits. The chocolate of Modica can be eaten as it is or dissolved in water as a drink.

7. Massive Mount Etna is Europe’s largest active volcano: The tallest active volcano in Europe attract the world attention for it’s exotic natural settings. It’s extraordinary beauty has made it appear in a “Star Wars” movie. Located near the east coast of the island of Sicily, Mount Etna is a must stop for all those Holidaying In Sicily. Its impressive size:  spectacular eruptions,  fiery lava flows, have always stimulated the interest of scientists and the curiosity of visitors from all over the world.

8. Take the “road less traveled” and immerse yourself in Sicilian culture.Sicily has a mixed culture of different civilizations that have left their cultural print on it during their invasion. In many spots in the island, you may walk in to a church that was once a Norman church, a Mosque or used to be a Greek temple. Sicily has one of the most unique and interesting cultures in Europe.

9. Become Indiana Jones for the day and explore Sicily’s archaeological sites: Just like the Indiana Jones : try to explore every of the archaeological sites of Sicily. Once an obscure part of Southern Italy “Sicily”, is now one of the world’s favourite Island destinations. Sicily is full of archaeological monuments and if you love it: you have plenty to do here.

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